To remove dandruff you need to know what is dandruff Dandruff is just flakes of your own rotting outer skin between your hair and oil combined in to a cake that your scalp produces. These cakes are called dandruff and the dandruff cakes are very light but filled with bacteria and they are shed regularly. But if you don't remove dandruff daily, then bacteria will start their job on the dandruff and eat deep into your scalp and give you itching sensation. If you still don't wash your head then you will see your hair falling off when you start scratching your head. So dandruff is not a good thing to have on your head.


To remove dandruff there are may medicines and shampoo or soap available in the market advertised to remove dandruff problem totally. You actually don't need any of these to remove dandruff from your hair and scalp. When you wash your hair using any soap or shampoo just use your finger nails lightly on your scalp to scrape the dandruff flakes off. Take two minutes time to remove dandruff and ensure that you have used all your finger nails except your thumbs on your scalp completely at every square inch to effectively scrape off and remove dandruff that will float in the soap or shampoo lather.


To remove dandruff first apply soap or shampoo on the hair and froth it up ensuring that the shampoo or soap has been nicely applied on your scalp also. Now make all four finger nails on each hand to touch the scalp through the hair. Now move each set of four fingers lightly left to right and right to left, simultaneously moving the fingers lightly and slowly towards forehead or in the same direction as the hair is to prevent hair root damage but only to remove dandruff. Again take your hand back to the top and do the same in a place where the finger nails have not scraped. Do it very lightly in such a way that the entire scalp is scratched by your finger nails to remove dandruff from the entire scalp. Then wash the soap or shampoo off the hair to remove the dandruff flakes with it.


If this is the first time you are doing it then after washing the soap or shampoo away repeat the procedure once again with soap or shampoo. It may take about a minute to do it. Do this once a day when you take bath or when you wash your hair to remove this bacteria filled dandruff flakes. Believe me after the first wash itself you will find the dandruff disappear from your hair. Not only that, people who had itching in their scalp or hair will notice that immediately after this procedure the itching has vanished. Nature gave us nails to scratch, so why not use it to scratch and remove dandruff too.


Initially it was hard for me to believe. I have used this finger nail trick for nearly 20 years and stayed away from dandruff for two decades now. I never use any shampoo but just normal bathing soap to remove dandruff all this while. This procedure to remove dandruff needs no investment, just a minute extra when you take a bath, to care for your hair and scalp. I hope this tip is helpful to you to remove dandruff. Do not disregard this procedure taking it to be stupid. Try it once and I am sure you are able to remove dandruff in the first bath itself. Remove dandruff and Live dandruff free for ever without any investment. And if you get rid of dandruff do come back and leave your second comment here for more people to believe what you and I are saying and benefit from this cost free way to remove dandruff, that is possible in real life.